Erykah Badu wants to tell you your future. The soul superstar is reading palms via Twitter and appointments are not required. Simply take a photo of your palm and upload it to Twitter. Some lucky fans will be blessed with the snark and comedy that only the “Badoula” can deliver. The Twitter shenanigans started when one of her followers asked to have their palm read and the Internet trolling and shameless plugs began.

Last year during press rounds for her mixtape/album, But You Cain’t Use My Phone, Badu explained to Sway in the Morning that she channels spirits and brings creation into the world. Badu is apparently trained to provide continuous physical and emotional support to mothers before, during and after they give birth as a certified “doula."

“In my definition of a doula, when the spirit comes in we don’t know where they’re coming from, we just want them to feel good. I also sit at the bedsides of hospices, where souls are going out, too," she explained. “The main thing I want is for people’s spirits to be at peace, whatever happens next.” The neo-soul veteran assisted in forty births and remains in contact with all her babies, who affectionately identify the songstress as their “Badoula."

And she's been busy also contributing to soundtracks and charitable causes. The singer is among the artists featured on the upcoming soundtrack fro The Land; a coming-of-age skate film that boasts Nas as executive producer. Badu also helped raise awareness and funding for the Detroit Rape Kit Project through proceeds from her Aug. 12 concert at Chene Park Amphitheater. 

When the baddest Badoula isn't recording, performing, fighting the good fight or helping bring life into the world (sheesh!) she’s delivering some comic relief. Take a look at some of Erykah Badu’s palm-reading insights below.


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