There are just four episodes left until Empire wraps up its first season. From federal stings to baby mama drama, fans have seen quite a bit over the past seven weeks. But one question that needs to be resolved is the proper name of Lucious Lyon's soon-to-be-public company.

During the pilot episode, Lucious and the rest of his family refer to their brand as Empire Entertainment, but throughout the show, Cookie refers to it as Empire Enterprises. Which one is it? We're sure this question is bubbling at the top of viewers' heads, so we just had to ask. Lee Daniels, can you clear this up? What's up with the script continuity?

As the "legal" title of Empire is in question, the fate of the company sits right alongside of it. While Lucious is trying to use a breakthrough Russian cure to rid is body of ALS, he quickly learns that his health is deteriorating much faster with the help of an unapproved, international drug. Stuck in the hospital for several days, Cookie knows something isn't right, but Lucious doesn't jump to share the news with her or his sons. It's not until he's unable to make a simple speech to a room filled with a handful of wealthy, potential investors during the company's private IPO fundraiser that he lets his big secret loose.

After coming clean about his condition just hours after the fundraiser, Lucious takes the time to sit and comfort his ex-wife because she can't handle the news. In this case, comfort means sleeping with her. Of course that didn't sit well with Anika, who comes home early from a business trip to Chicago to find them together. But like a true debutante who doesn't want to ruin her pearls, Anika walks away before Empire's founders even know she was there.

As Empire Entertainment gears up for its IPO fundraiser, Lucious decides he wants Elle Dallas, played by Courtney Love, to hit the stage to perform at the event. But Anika, in true hater form, doesn't think he should depend on her to stay clean enough to get behind the mic. Cookie assures them Elle has her act together, and Lucious says he trusts her. That trust is what gets Anika going. To put some Midas brakes in Lucious' admiration for Cookie, Anika drugs Elle the night of the event so she can't go on. Apparently Anika didn't think her actions would ruin the night and thankfully they did not. Her ploy to ruin Lucious' trusting relationship with Cookie didn't work either.

And while on the topic of the IPO fundraiser event, viewers should have a few questions about the "celebrities" who show up to support the event. In this case, there aren't any. The red carpet appearances were made by nameless faces who seemed to make the crowd go wild. But with all the celebrity cameos made on the show thus far, there could have been one -- aside from Courtney Love -- that could have made that scene more realistic. Just a thought.

The Lyon family is never far for drama and that didn't change by the end of the episode. Jamal tries to face the fact that he truly might be a father now. Olivia, played by Raven Symone, is his ex-wife from an arranged marriage orchestrated by his father. She delivers her daughter via elevator surprise to the 17th floor of Empire's headquarters.

While a maybe baby seems like one more thing to help tear the family a part, Jamal's potential daughter actually seems to bring everyone closer together. The power of kids these days. And for once, fans finally see the men in the come together. Lee Daniels and Danny Strong give viewers a powerful scene as they watch Jamal, Lucious and Hakeem put their heads together as a symbol of family support.

Get ready for episode eight next week.