Just days after the death of iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor, writer Kevin Sessums has revealed a shocking secret that Taylor kept about her 'Giant' co-star James Dean.

In an article for The Daily Beast, Sessums recalls an interview he conducted with Taylor for POZ magazine in 1997, during which the Oscar-winning legend claimed that Dean was molested by his minister as a young boy.

"I loved Jimmy. I'm going to tell you something, but it's off the record until I die. OK? When Jimmy was 11 and his mother passed away, he began to be molested by his minister," she told Sessums.

"I think that haunted him the rest of his life. In fact, I know it did," she continued. "We talked about it a lot. During 'Giant' we'd stay up nights and talk and talk, and that was one of the things he confessed to me."

Taylor died on Wednesday of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles. She was 79.

Watch a Scene of James Dean in 'Giant':

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