I came across this commercial for Bell's Whisky and it brought me to tears. After I watched it, I realized that education really does not have an expiration date.

This as reveals to us an older man who is on a mission to learn to read. His son, is a published author and his goal is to be able to read his son's book. I thought about my journey at Jarvis Christian College via their Adult Renaissance Program. I never thought that I would be able to learn Algebra and Biology the way I am now. On top of learning it, I am actually retaining the information.

For the longest, I always looked down on myself for not completing my degree when I was a certain age. I am know realizing that it does not matter when you do it, just get it done. I am so happy that Dr. Pruitt, Academic Dean for Jarvis Christian College, told me about this program. While it is not a easy road, I am making it to the end of the road one step at at time; just as the father in this video.

Remember, you are never to old to dream and achieve!