So Eddie Murphy has made his big come back to the music world and it appears that he wants to be taken seriously. His latest single, Promise (You Won't Break My Heart), is a very repetitive ballad requesting that his heart won't be broken. I am just wondering how many times does the question need to be asked.

Earlier this year he released a song titled Red Light featuring Snoop Lion, better known as  Snoop Dogg. Murphy's full length album is slated to drop in 2014 titled "9". When asked what inspired him to record Red Light,  he stated, "I have always had a deep love and passion for music. There are so many important issues and events taking place in our country and the world right now that I think are being lost in the frenzy of sensationalism, and I felt moved to speak about it in my own way. Reggae music embodies love and positivity and has always been rooted in social consciousness, so it was the perfect genre for what I wanted to say. I decided to reach out to my long-time friend, Snoop Lion to hop on the track since we both strive for the same positivity."

The interesting part of all of this is, I really want to take Eddie serious. Being an artist myself, I understand the feeling of people putting you in one box and not giving new efforts a chance. I personally hopes that this all works for him, better than Party All The Time. What are your thoughts? Is it Hot or Not? Take the poll and then check out the video for Red Light.