An East Texas man was recently shot while trying to help the less fortunate in Honduras and now needs to get home to finish his recovery. But, he and his family cannot do it on their own. They are asking for your help to get him back to Tyler. 

Joseph French is a native Texan. From Tyler, he has made an amazing impact on those around him. With his art work and kind spirit, Joseph French aimed to make the world a better place. That is why he decided to leave East Texas and help others less fortunate in other places in the world.

He has been teaching English to high school students in Honduras for almost a year now, until tragedy struck.

On December 20, French was shot four times while walking home from a Christmas party at the high school at which he teaches. A couple of the bullets became lodged in his skull and the rest landed in his midsection. These shots were fired while French was being mugged for his cell phone.

He has been in critical condition since the incident. Joseph was placed in an induced coma and had surgery to help save his life. He is now beginning to recovery and is said to have even opened his eyes. But, the best thing to do next is to get him home.

He was given a tracheotomy on the 31 of December at the hospital in Honduras that has caused the need for his return home to be of much greater importance. "The tracheotomy performed on Joseph yesterday has caused damage to his brain. He needs to be transported to the US immediately via air ambulance. Please help the family get him here as soon as possible. Prayers for his safety are needed!"

Not only do he and his family want to be reunited, he can receive the continued medical treatment he needs to make a full recovery. Getting him home is now the largest struggle.

Explained by Ashely Coburn, afriend of French that has made a website trying to aide in the raising of funds needed to make his transfer home says, "The flight is going to cost $25,000 due to the necessary medical personnel and care required to safely transport him back to the U.S.."

This is a hefty task for French's family to undertake. So, they are asking for help. The website that Coburn has kindly started is desperately asking for your help. To lend a helping hand, please click here.

This site in only 8 days has raised more than $13,000. But, they still need some help with the rest. So, this is not the only effort to bring this kind soul that has touched so many lives home.

There is even a local art group that has put together an Etsy account that takes donations from local East Texas artists and sells them with all proceeds going towards French's medical bills and flight home. 

Take a moment to extend that holiday spirit and give to a fellow East Texas man that really needs your help.