East Texas man, Joseph French, has been fighting for his life since mid-December. After being shot multiple times during a robbery to obtain French's cell phone, he had been stuck in an ill equipped hospital in Honduras. He is finally back home in Texas, but needs your continued aid. 

On December 20th, Joseph French was shot in the head and abdomen multiple times on his way home from the school that he was teaching English. These locals to the small town in Honduras were trying to steal his cell phone and almost stole his life.

All the way from Tyler, Texas, French had moved to Honduras to lend a helpful hand to the children of the country by teaching them English. He was hoping to help this children to expand their opportunities in life, he did not expect that this move might take his life.

After many long weeks in the ICU, with many surgeries under his belt, it became clear that French needed to come home. Not only to be around his loving and worried family, but to have the best chances of a full recovery. The costs of this move back to the Texas were huge. His family were looking at over 20,000 dollars to be able to get Joseph back home.

So, his family and friends looked out to all of you for help. With an account of Go Fund Me, they were able to raise 18,000 in 17 days! What a great job! Though he is not back in East Texas yet, the great staff and doctors of Baylor hospital are taking the best care of him they can now. The French family and the friends of Joseph want to extend their endless gratitude with all of you that lent a helping hand. But, the fight is not over yet.

Three days ago Joseph French was on the special flight to get him home. On his arrival, his family and friends met him at the door. He has spent the past few days in ICU to ensure his travels do not do further harm, but he is already making progress.

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Ashley Coburn, a close friend of French's and the creator of his Go Fund Me page says that Joseph even tried to smile when he saw her. The tubes and lines that riddle his body make it difficult for this ever kind man to show his full appreciation, but it is clear he is happy to finally be home.

Though he is doing better, the road to recovery is a long one for Joseph French. He has not quite cleared the rocky water of his injuries. Once he is in a bit better help, he is looking at months of therapy to undo what those thieves did to him.  So, the French family and his friends ask for your help again.

Please send your prayers and good thoughts his way. There is even a candle light vigil in his honor on the 17th of this month. From 6 until 7 that Friday evening, the family and friends of Joseph French will gather at Teague park in Longview (415 American Legion Blvd. Longview, Texas). The family will be taking donations, but just showing your support will be a great relief for this family. Also, they ask if you still have a bit of extra change in your pocket, give a little to his ever extending medical bills. Most of all, they ask that you love those you have around you and live with a kind word and not let a bad thing get you down.