The Union Grove ISD school board has passed a policy that would allow select teachers and school staff to carry concealed weapons as a line of defense on school campuses. The school board met Thursday (Jan. 17) and the measure was reportedly supported by parents.

School officials are hoping the plan will be in effect within three months, but the district is still working out final details of the policy. Union Grove, located just outside of Gladewater, Texas, will be the second school district in Texas to support the concealed carry of weapons on school grounds.

According to the district's Facebook page, Union Grove ISD has approximately 750 students enrolled.

This new policy would make Union Grove the first school district in East Texas to implement such a measure. The town and school district of Harrold, Texas, made headlines last month about its policy allowing certain staff members with a CHL license carry guns for protection.

Do you support Union Grove's new policy? Would you like to see it happen at your kids' schools?