The police were called out to a large party in the early morning hours this past Saturday. What they found will blow you away. This party found 37 minors in trouble for alcohol consumption charges and six adults in jail for providing that alcohol. 

Around 3 a.m. on January 18, the Harrison County police were dispatched to a large party on Rupe Hoffman road just outside of Longview. The large late night party turned out to be a big bust for these East Texas sheriffs.

43 people were detained after the police followed the line of approximately 30 cars that lined the road and were parked in the yard of the house hosting the massive party. Out of these 43 party people, the police revealed that 37 of them were under the legal drinking age.

This shocking number led to the arrest of the 6 of legal age party goers. They have been charged with furnishing alcohol to minors. The younger 37 were given citations for minor in consumption of alcohol charges. Roberto Castro and Cody Mahaffey of Gladewater along with; Alec Beville, Dylan Hudson, Brandon Pickett, and Zachary Phillips of Longview received the adult charges for taking part in the minors consumption of alcohol. 

All six were taken to the Harrison County Jail where they were released on $1,500 bail.