East Texans were climbing, sliding, bouncing, crawling, dodging and having a great time during the Insane Inflatable 5K at Camp Tyler!

The course started out with participants climbing up a gigantic two-story inflatable 'staircase' and then sliding down the back side all while laughing and huffing and puffing up and over it. This was just the first of 11 oversized inflatable obstacles throughout the 5K course. Along the way runners would encounter a gigantic ball pit and a slide that topped out at 30 feet tall.

It was definitely a workout for some and a piece of cake for others, but fun for everyone. Thousands of runners from East Texas and beyond kicked off the inaugural event at 8:45 Saturday morning at Camp Tyler and the last wave took off at noon.

Between that time teams from all over ran for different causes and each of them had very unique and clever name.

If you were a part of it, you know how much fun it was! Click through the photo gallery below to see if your pic was snapped. If you missed out, click through the gallery to see how much fun you missed out on!

We already have plans to bring the Insane Inflatable 5K back to East Texas next year!

All images courtesy of Johnny Lathrop of Townsquare Media.