Last year the East Texas heat was brutal and it reflected on our electric bills because we turned down the air conditioner to get a little relief.  That little relief cost us though because our electric bills skyrocketed.  With the return of triple digit temps this week, it looks like the cycle will continue again this year.

Yesterday, I read online about a woman receiving an electric bill for $1 million dollars.  Good thing about her situation is that is was an error on the part of the electric company but our high electric bills are our responsibility.  After talking with a few people here at the radio station about electric bills and the highest one they’ve received, I was in the middle of them all.

A co-worker who lives in an apartment’s highest bill was around $130 and another co-worker who owns a 4 bedroom home had an electric bill top off around $320, where my highest has been about $220.  So, I was wondering what is the highest electric bill you’ve received and what kind of home was it for (apartment, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom home).  Let us know by leaving it in the comment section below.