Cinnamon is a 3-year-old St. Bernard and English Bulldog mix whose life was saved this week after her owner took to Facebook to ask for a volunteer to shoot her.

Cinnamon's owner, a woman from Troup, posted on Facebook requesting that someone come to her home to shoot the dog, even offering to provide the gun. "I need someone to come shoot my dog. No one here has the heart to do it! We will provide the gun!"

In not-surprising fashion, the post sparked outrage. East Texas TV station CBS19 investigated, and even visited the woman's house. The woman's son answered the door with this response: “I know how the media works. You people are the f****ng devil.”

Smith County Animal Control officers picked up the dog from the house, and told CBS19 the woman wanted Cinnamon shot because she could no longer care for her and she kept getting into her trash.

Nicholas Pet Haven, a local pet adoption agency, picked up Cinnamon from animal control and she is now with a foster family. You can contact Nicholas Pet Haven if you would like to apply to adopt Cinnamon.

Cinnamon's owner will not face any charges since she was surrendered to animal control. The woman's name has not been identified since she surrendered the dog.

Thank goodness for public response and that Cinnamon's life was saved. She's a beautiful animal.

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