A 9-year-old Harrison County boy allegedly told his mother he stabbed her ex-boyfriend in the back after the person threatened to shoot his mom and her new boyfriend .

Harrison County Authorities say the stabbing victim, 24-year-old J.V. Wilkins III told deputies he was stabbed earlier at a residence on FM 9 South. During interviews at the location investigators discovered Wilkins came to the house looking for his ex-girlfriend, 26 year old Stephanie Powell and her new boyfriend, and made a statement about retrieving a gun and “shooting you.”

After the victim left, Ms. Powell’s son told his mom he stabbed Wilkins. Ms. Powell told deputies she never saw her son with a knife.

Wilkins who drove away from the house then called 911 and told a dispatcher he was stabbed and driving himself to the hospital. EMS were called to his location where they transported Wilkins to the hospital. He was later airlifted to a hospital in Shreveport.

The incident remains under investigation.