To mark their 45 years of providing service to Tyler and Smith County, The Humane Society of East Texas Friday announced they are changing the name of the animal shelter.

Karen Parker-Kilgore, president of the board for Pets Fur People, shows off Zeba

The shelter will now be known as Pets Fur People….because love is a four legged word. Gayle Helms, Executive Director said the name change re-enforces the image of the Humane Society as a no-kill animal shelter.

In January 2010, the animal shelter discontinued euthanasia and focused on adoption of pets only. Since then the facility has undergone numerous improvements and upgrades, and has partnered with Bullard Veterinary Medical Center offering a spay/neuter program. To date, 850 dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered.

Helms added plans are underway to construct a public dog park at the shelter grounds which will provide dog lovers the opportunity to bring their dogs for exercise.