Mack Brown's future as the Texas Longhorns' football coach has been a subject of much debate lately, but it just heated up a ton when UT's most famous alum said it's time for Mack to go.

Legendary Texas running back, Pro Football Hall of Famer and Tyler native Earl Campbell went on the record with his opinion that Texas should fire Brown.

"Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen," Campbell told KRIV in Houston. "I'd go on record and say yes, I think it's time.  ... Very hard because Coach Brown is a very good man," Campbell said. "I just hope he doesn't stay. ... He's done some great things. The program, he brought it back, and we don't need it to get run down where somebody has to start all over again."

Campbell, a 1974 graduate of John Tyler High School, is the highest-profile member of the Texas community to go on the record that Brown should be fired. The legendary Texas coach led the Longhorns to the 2005 national title over USC and they reached the title game in 2009, but Texas has lost at least four games each season since 2010.

Brown responded to Campbell's comments at his regular news conference Monday, saying, ""Earl has done so much for Texas. He will always be welcomed at our school. I'm disappointed in his comments, but he's entitled to his opinion."

Brown, who is under contract through 2020, has been steadfast in his opinion that he will not step down as the Longhorns' coach. He is due to be paid $5.4 million this season.