Oh, those Eagles fans.

They've been known to be um ... well, less than friendly to visiting teams, and especially Cowboys fans. It's been documented that they've thrown frozen batteries at the visitors in the dead of winter.

And they swear a lot and say unpleasant things. And now they want the Pope to bless their madness.

Eagles fans have started a petition on Change.org to get the Pope's attention. He's going to be in Philly soon, and they're gathering signatures to pressure the Pope into blessing Sam Bradford's knees while he's in town.

Eagles fans say many of their Super Bowl hopes rely on Bradford's knees staying healthy. He's a backup QB, but was highly sought after by coach Chip Kelley this off season.

Sooner fans have loved Bradford since his days at Oklahoma. But he hasn't done much in the NFL yet. He was drafted No. 1 in 2010, but tore his ACL twice while with the Rams.

Since 2013, Bradford has played in a total of seven NFL games.

Perhaps the Pope can reverse Bradford's fortunes. Bradford told CSN Philly that he's "all for it" if the Pope wants to bless his knees.

Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia the weekend of Sept. 27, but the Eagles are actually out of town that weekend, in New York playing the Jets. Maybe those fans didn't exactly think this through.

The Cowboys play in Philly on Sept. 20, which would be pre-blessing if this all comes to um, pass. So to speak.