Dwayne Johnson is a real-life superhero: Seemingly immortal, immune to exhaustion, able to leap tall franchises in a single bound. Johnson’s plate seems pretty full right now, but he’s just added another big project to his increasingly crowded schedule, and although he’s not officially attached to star in this new graphic novel adaptation just yet, it’s probably only a matter of time before he is — not that Johnson is beholden to time as we mere mortals know it.

Per Deadline, Johnson and his Seven Bucks banner are producing a big screen adaptation of Jay Longino’s forthcoming graphic novel Son of Shaolin. Longino will write the screenplay for the film version based on his upcoming book, and though plot details are unsurprisingly scarce at the moment, it’s reportedly a “contemporary Kung-Fu story” that integrates Shaolin mythology with the perspective of young teens growing up in a gentrified neighborhood.

Sony acquired the pitch with hopes to launch a new franchise because of course; why develop a new original film if there isn’t potential to milk it for all it’s worth? Johnson has only signed on to produce for the moment, but the studio is eyeing him to play a supporting role of some kind — he is Franchise Viagra, after all.

Johnson’s schedule is very crowded for the time being: He recently wrapped on Baywatch and is currently filming Fast 8, after which he has plans to star in the Jumanji reboot with his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart, and he’s playing the title role in Shane Black’s long-developing Doc Savage movie. Johnson has also signed on to produce a new Robert Ludlum cinematic universe, in which he’ll appear in at least one film.