When we send our kids to school we expect them to learn and get a good education from our public schools. A lot of kids may think differently because they are kids, but to one student in a Duncanville High School (Dallas area school) classroom, he expects to get a good education too and apparently feels he's not getting it from one of his teachers.

In a video that has gone viral, the student is upset that his teacher is just throwing packets out to the class and not actually teaching them anything. He lets the teacher know that he expects to be taught something and expects a little more enthusiasm out of her and to care about her job and her students.

During the student filmed tirade, the student is asked to leave the classroom, but not before he lets his feelings be known about his teacher.

Warning: Some NSFW Language

UPDATE: According to the Dallas Morning News, the student had a meeting with the school's principal this morning after school administration realized the video was on YouTube. School administrators have carefully crafted statements to defend both the teacher and student. After the school's principal met with and discussed the student's education it was decided that there would be no disciplinary action taken against him.

The Duncanville ISD has since placed the teacher in the video on paid administrative while investigating the situation.