You get to a certain age in life and one would think that each year would be a very special event. For Leo Sharp, turning 90 was not a day that he spent laughing and reminiscing over times spent with family and friends. He was getting sentenced four hauling cocaine and then threatened to kill himself over the punishment.

Mr. Sharp was caught driving $3 million worth of cocaine across country for a Mexican drug cartel. Sharp claimed that he was forced to do so at gun point and begged the judge not to send him to prison, because he is too old and frail. He told U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds,

"I'm really heartbroken I did what I did. But it's done, I won't live in prison, I'm just going to end my life if I end up there."

Sad story right,? Well don't pull out the box of kleenex just yet. This pawpaw was arrested in 2011, when Sharp was 87. Authorities stopped him on I-94 near Ann Arbor with $3 million worth of cocaine in his pick up.

He made up an elaborate story in court but eventually plead guilty to drug conspiracy. 17 other defendants were involved, but had no idea that the Drug Enforcement Administration was monitoring their phone calls, which all lead back to Leo Sharp.