It is coming down outside here in East Texas, but we are all still out and about. Driving in the rainy conditions can be a terrifying experience. It seems like East Texas drivers go a little crazy when it is raining, this leads to the roads feeling like war zones. 

Grey and rainy days always make me feel sleepy. It is hard to keep your head up and work when you just want to go home and take a nap. The soothing sounds of the rain fall and the cooler temperatures didn't just affect me, everyone in the office felt a bit drowsy. So, I decided to head out in the bad weather on a coffee run. All I wanted was to perk up a bit, I didn't know I was headed to battle.

Driving down the Tyler streets during inclement weather is a fight for your life. Our roads are not the best at draining, so the shoulders are flooded making death trap puddles. Just leaving the parking lot was a study in patience and caution. But, once out on the real streets the true test begins.

Driving down the busy mid-day streets of Tyler seemed like trying to get through a mass of insane asylum escapees. Every around me was driving like a crazy person. Why must you act as if you have lost all your marbles at the first sight of rain drops? This is the time that we must be careful and courteous of each other.

On my way to the coffee shop, I had my first heart stopping moment. The line of cars next to me trying to beat us out of the light needed to merge in. During this chaotic melding of vehicles on the slick roads, a truck decided to cut in front of the group. The truck came inches away from t-boning the car in front of me making it swerve into on coming traffic and slamming on the brakes. The cars coming down the other side of the road hit their breaks along with me to avoid a huge car pile up. The truck realized what they had to do and over corrected to try and avoid the car it had so nearly crashed into. This over correction sent the truck flying on to the curb and flying over a bit of grass before hopping back on to the paved road. With no accident and everyone doing fine, we all slowly started to go about our ways again.

Knuckles turned white from clenching the steering wheel with such desperation, I continued on to get coffee. It wasn't too much further down the road that I came upon another insane driver and another and before I could head home, yet another crazy person behind the wheel. I was nearing five almost wrecks by the time I made it back to work.

I entered the secure and safe walls feeling a great relief not to be have to be at battle any more. I would not have to worry about if and what car would take my life. I wouldn't have to avoid cars zeroing in on me like evil torpedos. I could breath easy that I wouldn't have to worry what would meet me at every turn. If I stopped in the hallway another person wouldn't come flying into my back side. I was back from the war.

Why East Texas must we act like this during rainy weather? Why do you speed up instead of taking it a little slower in the bad weather? What makes you feel so angry about a few more seconds in your commute?

When it is raining outside, we all need to be more careful. Stop acting like an insane person. Watch this "how to" video to freshen up your inclement weather driving tips. You need it, they need it, we all need a little refresher.