Drake's got another hit album on his hands as his 'Nothing Was The Same' has officially gone platinum.

The rapper's official fan hub, Word On Road, shares the news that the album (which dropped Sept. 24) has sold over one million units: "Last week ‘Nothing Was The Same’ sat at a total of 991,134 copies sold. This week with 50% of sales in ’Nothing Was The Same’ has sold over 20,000 copies pushing it over the 1 million mark."

Official numbers will come in later this week.

'Nothing Was The Same' bowed in at the No. 1 spot its first week on the Billboard charts with 658,000 units sold. Fueled by the hit 'Hold On, We're Going Home,' this is Drizzy's third platinum album in a row. Both 'Take Care' and 'Thank Me Later' have exceeded the million-plus mark.

Congrats Drake.