A few months back Kendrick Lamar appeared on a song called 'Control' and took some shots at Drake and a few other rappers. Well, Drake has just recently decided to respond, while the others said what they had to say then or they moved on. Maybe Drake should have just kept his mouth shut because with the lines he came up with, he caused more laughter than amazement.

Kendrick Lamar's camp responded via Twitter, asking the question, "Is that it?" DE President Terrence “Punch” Henderson, tweeted, "Hahahahah. That's it? Really?" 

Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith The CEO of TDE tweeted, “If this is the best shit niggas got… I feel sorry 4 em…lmao 

Let's check out Drizzy lines and see if we get a laugh too.

“If a n*gga say my name he the hot sh*t/but if I say that nig*a name he still the hot sh*t” and “funny how they dangling the bait but I’m the one killing n*ggas on the hook.”