Part of Drake's appeal is how his emotional honesty and parody-ready lyrics feel tailor-made for today's generation. Even though there's an age gap, 59-year-old weather forecaster Al Roker attempted to relate to the rapper and his fans, at least for one night.

The 'Today' show personality was in attendance at Drake's Would You Like a Tour? stop in Hartford, Conn Saturday (Oct. 26). During the show, 'Forever,' Drake's posse cut that features Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem, was being performed and Roker decided to film his reaction at that moment.

As the hook plays, the weatherman stares into the camera looking flabbergasted and scared, eyes wide open. The result is a hilarious selfie video he shared on Vine with the caption, "At the Drake concert / XL Center in Hartford, Ct. Officially #TooOld."

The dude behind Roker doesn't care at all about his confusion; he's too busy rapping along to Drake's song. Perhaps there's no other Vine that articulates the disconnect between the Millennial Generation and Generation X better than this one.