Contrary to reports, Dr. Dre, apparently, didn’t request to meet Suge Knight to squash their long-standing beef.

Sources have told TMZ that Dre scoffed at reports claiming that he wanted Knight to come to the ‘Straight Outta of Compton’ movie set to make peace. This alleged peace summit, sparked a chain of events in which, Knight fatally ran over Terry Carter who brokered this alleged peace treaty between the two men.

Knight is currently in jail on $2 million bond on the charge of murder. Police believe that he intentionally ran over Carter. However, Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, said that it was an accident and that his client was in fear of his life after an altercation erupted.

Meanwhile, Carter’s family are calling Knight a murderer. The victim's relative, who didn’t want to be identified, reportedly told TMZ that the incident was no accident.

She told the gossip website that Knight, who was in his pick-up truck, got into a fight with Cle “Bone” Sloan in the parking lot. Apparently, Knight hit Sloan with his truck and while Carter was coming to Sloan’s aid, Knight accelerated his truck in reverse and ran over Carter’s head.

When asked if she believe Knight’s statement that it was an accident, she quickly replied, "Hell no. It was murder."

Knight has a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday (Feb. 3). In addition, the former Death Row Records CEO has another legal case pending involving his arrest in October 2014, for stealing a photographer’s camera. If convicted in that case, he could face 30 years in prison.

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