It is that time of year again!  On Sunday many individuals will show love to their mom’s on Mother’s Day.  Many stores will be flooded with shoppers trying to find that perfect gift just to let mom know how much you love and appreciate her. I actually can't wait to talk to my mom and grandmother just to hear the excitement in their voice once they receive their mother's day gift. However, with today's technology and social media could it actually take away from the actual Mother's Day celebration?  You be the judge....

With FB, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat your timeline and YES even mine will be flooded with so many lovely paragraphs and even booklets of "My mom is this!" and "My mom is that!"  People will be getting tagged in posts and profile pics will be changed to validate their love for their mother.  Check out the video above!  I'm sure everybody knows someone like the individuals in the video.  Talk about OVERKILL!  Now, I don't mind the love on FB, but if that is your ONLY way of showing love to your mom on Mother's Day then you my friend need a whooping.  <=== Yeah I said "Whooping" lol

Shawn Knight

To make the long story short.  There is nothing wrong with showing love to your mom on FB.  However, don't let social media be the ONLY way to show your love on Mother's Day.  Make sure you give her that phone call, card, flowers and overall give her that affirmation that her sacrifice wasn't in vain.  I am thankful to God that I still have my mom and grandmother and I show my appreciation to them not just on Mother's Day, but everyday.  Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend everybody!  Now let me go check this tracking on their gifts because I don't want no trouble.