Don Davis, a legendary producer and guitarist, has tragically passed away at the age of 75. Davis, who produced records for Destiny's Child and JT Money, died from an unknown illness on June 5. He's survived by his wife and three children.

The Detroit-born musician began his career playing on Motown records, and went on to produce songs for several artists on Stax Records. Initially, he was the frontman for the group the Don Davis Trio, and scored his first hit as a producer on the song 'Who's Making Love' by John Taylor in 1968.

Clearly ahead of his time, Davis spearheaded his own music publishing and record production companies, which were used by famous acts like Aretha Franklin, George Clinton and David Ruffin. And in the mid-'70s he started his own label, Tortoise International, which was distributed by RCA.

And if those accomplishments weren't enough, the multifaceted artist even started the only African-American owned bank in Michigan 44 years ago.

At this time, there are little details surrounding his death or the illness he had. More information will likely be available in the days and weeks to come.