The Noid, Domino’s Pizza’s anti-mascot who appeared in an inescapable ’80s ad campaign, is coming back.

In the decades-old ads, the animated villain would try to ruin pizzas in transit, but Domino’s deliveries were somehow always able to (as the catchphrase went) “avoid the Noid.”

Russell Weiner, chief marketing officer for Domino’s, acknowledged that many people found the Noid annoying, but claimed the devilish-looking creature of indeterminate origins also had his fans.

“Every movie star has got folks who love them and hate them,” Weiner explained to the Associated Press. “We’re bringing the Noid back for folks who love him.”

As for now, the extent of the Noid’s return is simply a video game on Domino’s Facebook page, which will reward a free pizza every minute to the player with highest score for the next week.

Check out a few classic Noid TV spots below.

[via Yahoo]