Here is a constant debate I have heard people talking about over the years that we have to address today. Do we really watch the Olympics? The story starts today with another conversation that I talked about with friends and co-workers over the weekend.The question started while watching Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps on a Subway commercial. And out of nowhere my friend James said, “Dude, who even watches the Olympics?”

I giggled and said, “I don’t think a lot of people do, but I might be wrong.” So, we called three or four friends and asked them. And to my surprise only one said he watched. Then in the office I asked around this morning and only a few said they did.

So, do you watch the Olympics? Now personally, I think it is a little weird because we all are throwing our fists in the air if we win metals but only some of us really sit and watch our teams kick butt.

So the question needs some answering. Do you watch all, some or none of the Olympics?