Kilgore Police have embarked on a mission of great importance. This mission could become a little sticky if not handled properly. This mission, however, will not leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth.

Kilgore Police have launched "Operation Snow Cone." As Kilgore police patrol the city, they will look for kids doing good deeds or with good behavior and reward them with a free snow cone.

Me: "I helped a lady cross the street, can I get one?"

Officer: "You're 38, sir."

Me: "So. I like snow cones, too."

Officer: "This is for the kids, sir. Please stop begging."

The department is hoping this will help officers build a good relationship with the kids.

Assistant Kilgore Police Chief Roman Roberson told KETK, "We want to compliment good behavior versus bad behavior. We see a lot of bad behavior most of the time and this is kind of a way for us to encourage good behavior with kids in the community over the summer."

The kids are given a coupon for a free snow cone, any flavor, at Charlie's Snoball & Seasonal Tanning in Kilgore.