In 2010, DJ Khaled released a song called ‘All I Do Is Win,’ in which he vowed to never stop winning in the rap game. Fast forward to 2012, and the city of Miami is winning as their team the Miami Heat are now NBA champions for the second time.

The super-producer dedicated an entire video congratulating the Miami Heat using Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ as his soundtrack. The Queen song is extremely poignant with the refrain, “No time for losers / ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.”

The clip begins with a montage of the Heat beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 and winning the NBA title. The win also gave Heat superstar LeBron James his very first ring; something he’s been chasing after ever since he enter the NBA arena in 2003.

“I told, y’all ‘Kiss the Ring,’” says DJ Khaled as he watches the Heat celebrate their championship victory on a flat-screen television in his studio. “Y’all think I’m playin’ with this, I’m so serious.”

Khaled also took a moment to celebrate his own musical victories by shouting out his chart-topping hit singles throughout his career. “I want to thank everybody for making ‘Take It To The Head’ a Top 5 record in the country right now,” he boasts comparing himself to the Heat. “You see what I’m doing, right? Last year, we were talking about ‘I’m On One,’ the year before we were talking about ‘All I Do Is Win.’”

“Should I keep going? ‘I’m So Hood,’ ‘We Taking Over,’ ‘Go Hard,’ ‘Holla At Me, Baby,’ ‘Out Here Grindin.’ I can keep going,” he continues. “I got catalog. Miami Heat got the ring, so I’m super inspired to drop a record off my ‘Kiss The Ring’ album, dropping August 21.”

Okay, Khaled we get it. You stay winning and you have a new project coming out in the summertime. Cool. But let the Miami Heat get their shine for now.

Watch DJ Khaled Salute NBA Champions Miami Heat