In Aransas county in south Texas, a Judge is in trouble for beating his 16 year old daughter for installing video games on the family's home computer. The beating, which was over 7 minutes was caught on film by Hillary Adams (the girl in the video). She says,

'It had happened before, and had been escalating. I set up a camera, and I caught it.'

The video was uploaded to YouTube and the judge is now being charged with several counts of child abuse. The daughter in this video was born with ataxic cerebral palsy.

Warning: This video is disturbing. View at your own risk.

The big question here is is this considered discipline or abuse? Many parents say that children who constantly disobey grow up to be locked away in our prison system. Others argue that what you've witnessed in the video above is no more than child abuse at the hands of someone who is supposed to be a judge and parent. Not someone who uses their children as their personal punching bag.
Discipline or abuse? What do you think?