If you're a DirecTV or Dish Network subscriber, the two monster satellite TV companies want to wish you a Merry Christmas ... by raising the cost of your bill.

Both companies confirmed they are raising the rates of certain channel packages, as well as monthly service fees. The move is in response to an ever-increasing number of people choosing to cancel their cable or satellite subscriptions and opting for streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus.

DirecTV and Dish Network will both be raising their monthly service fees between $2 and $5.

As for the television packages, both are hiking rates, but Dish Network subscribers will surely be angrier than DirecTV customers.

DirecTV's base "entertainment" package is going up $3 from $55 to $58 and its top package up $5 from $125 to $130. DirecTV's average increase is 4.4% this year, compared to 3.2% from last year.

As for Dish Network, its prices will increase on average of 5.5% after the company imposed massive hikes early in 2013. Its base package and "America's Choice 120+" plan will be the same, but its other packages will go up between $3 and $5 per month.

Dish Network's changes are set to take effect Jan. 17, while DirecTV will impose its new prices in February. The new prices won't take effect for current subscribers until their current contracts are expired.