As we embark upon a new year, it's important to have a clear vision of where you see yourself in 2017.  This year try writing out your vision and bringing it to life with a vision board.

New Year resolutions are overrated and NEVER worked for me. By March, my fire was gone and I couldn't even recall what I was even fired up about. Therefore, last year, I had a vision board party. I, along with about 16 other ladies, literally sat down with glue, markers, and countless magazines and brought our visions to life  on poster board. The best Kindergarten art party I've ever had with a room full of adult women. :)

I look at that board every day, as it has a permanent home on my bedroom dresser. It keeps me reminded of what I was so passionate about accomplishing at the beginning of the year, and it's a great gauge on where I am in accomplishing those things.

One of the things on my vision board was to have a job in radio, and here I am. I am convinced that there is true power in writing out your vision.