I am usually in Walmart at least once a week (sometimes more!) and I have been accustomed to being greeted by the friendly Walmart front door greeter — until recently.

On occasion I have to take something back to the store and I’m used to checking in the front door with them to get that little red and white sticker placed on my return items by the greeter. And anytime I go to Walmart I am used to the front door greeter there welcoming me to Walmart and having a shopping cart ready for me to go about my business in the store, and on the way out I was left with a “Thank You.”

Over the last few weeks of going into the Walmart on South Broadway Ave. in Tyler, I’ve noticed there’s no longer a greeter standing in the foyer by the shopping carts, the shopping carts are at the back of the storage area and you have to walk down that dimly lit corridor to get a shopping cart and the front foyer area has been a mess with all kinds of trash lying around.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not but I have seen it on numerous occasions over the last couple of weeks. Another sign the greeter position is gone is the sign that is by the shoplifting detectors that points the way for returns (like the picture above).

I miss their friendly faces when walking in and have assumed this position has been eliminated from our local Walmart. I don’t imagine this being the Walmart Sam Walton envisioned, do you?