Lil Wayne wasn't going to let some silly thing like his probation get in the way of his fun. The rapper was filmed smoking what appears to be marijuana at his birthday party.

In the video, we don't see all that much: It's just the 30th birthday boy dancing and laughing with a bunch of his pals ... And what looks a lot like a blunt.

If Weezy was in fact smoking weed, it would violate his probation from his 2008 weapons and drug charges. However, Wayne is a smart guy, so we don't think he'd do anything that could potentially jeopardize his freedom. And he didn't: If -- and that's a big if -- he was, in fact, smoking marijuana, he likely wouldn't be drug tested, as he's only on informal probation.

In fact, TMZ spoke with Young Money president Mack Maine, who insisted that Weezy only spoke Al Capone cigars on his big 3-0 -- and that they weren't filled with anything illegal. We're glad! While we never want to see Wayne embroiled in legal drama, we wouldn't mind seeing more of his deposition tapes.