They say “1 bad apple spoils the bunch.”  However, having an apple on a Delta Airlines flight will cost a Colorado woman $500 after she went through customs with an apple in her carry-on from a return flight from France.

Fox News report, Crystal Tadlock didn’t bring the apple back from France, but was given to her from on her return flight home.  According to her she took the apple and put it in her bag without really thinking about I, but it turned out to be a very expensive error on her part when the agent pulled it out while she was going through customs.

The customs agent asked Crystal if her trip was expensive and she said yes.  The agent then said it was going to get more expensive after I charge you $500.  Confused Crystal felt that Delta should have warned or notified passengers not to take fruit off the plane. Also, she thinks that the Customs department should have handled the situation differently especially since it was in an airline marked bag instead of being treated like a criminal.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s website, it states every fruit of vegetable must be declared to a CBP Agriculture Specialist of CBP Officer and must be presented for inspection.

Crystal Tadlock is planning to protest the charges in court.