I think the hot dog was the first thing that was battered in corn meal, deep fried and offered up at the fair.  For as long as I can remember, I've always had a corn dog at the fair, but now the deep fried menu has expanded greatly and offers up quite a few tasty treats for fair goers every year.

We've just begun fair season here in East Texas and fair attendees at the Gregg County Fair in Longview and the upcoming East Texas Fair in Tyler will have quite a few things to choose from, like fried Twinkies, fried Snickers, fried Oreos, fried Nutter Butter, fried pickles, fried ice cream, fried Coke, fried bacon - at this point I guess you get the picture!  If you can drop in batter and deep fry it, the concessionaires at the fairs will give it a shot!

The deep fried trend is a big deal at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, so much so they've given out awards over the past few years for the most creative and best taste.  This year the committee gave the award for most creative to Fried Beer (r) and the Texas Fried Fritos (r) Pie won the blue ribbon for best taste!  Unfortunately, I don't think the Fried Beer (r) will be available at our fairs here in East Texas but you can try them if you head to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas, which is open September 28th thru October 21st.

The Gregg County Fair runs nightly through Saturday, September 15th.

The East Texas Fair runs Friday, September 21st thru Sunday, September 30th.