I've heard several people talking about this recently and apparently the rumors are true that, just like the death of the cassette tape, the compact disc may be dead within two years according to industry insiders.

Side Line Music Magazine reports that the CD format will be a thing of the past by 2013. The magazine reports that most major labels are planning to stop producing the CD's that took the world by storm back in the 1980's.

So what's to replace CD's? Digitally downloaded music directly to iPods and flash drives are expected to be the format of choice. Many new cars already come equipped with flash drive slots in their factory car stereo systems.

The magazine attempted to get an official statement from some of the major record labels like EMI, Universal and Sony, but they all declined to comment. However, soon after the initial report the magazine was approached by some employees and associates of those labels who confirmed plans to nix any CD's that do exist before 2013. Only major music acts would have anything available in CD format after that date and any remaining music available on CD would probably be only available on Amazon - which is the worldwide leader in CD sales.

The CD format’s popularity has decreased drastically since the rise of digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. Another factor in the discontinuation being the drop in overall music sales due to the exponential increase of online piracy over the last decade. This move doesn’t really come as a surprise, but it sure is sad for those of us who grew up with and still utilize the format.

The first CD I ever purchased was the Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack - what was yours?

What is your thought on the death of the CD?