Prince’s unexpected death has certainly shocked the world. Fans and celebrities have expressed their grief over the loss. For comedian Dave Chappelle, the soul icon’s death has left him devastated.

On Friday (April 23), during his comedy set at the Chapel, the funnyman, spoke about losing his dear friend. “This is black 9/11,” Chappelle told the audience (via Huffington Post). “I almost thought about not coming tonight, but my band was like, ‘Yo, Prince would definitely not condone that.’”

Chappelle may not be too far off with his comments. Granted, a horrific terrorist attack that killed thousands of people pales in comparison to the loss of an iconic musician. But Prince’s untimely death did stunned the world.

Understandably, Chappelle wasn’t in a comedic frame of mind for his set, so his show turned into a Prince tribute with the band playing some of the Purple One’s classic songs including “Let’s Go Crazy.”

Another reason why Prince’s death hit home for Chappelle is that one of the funniest comedy skits from Chappelle’s Show featured Charlie Murphy recounting his story of how the Purple One beat him in a game of basketball while wearing a jumpsuit and high-heel boots.

If you missed that classic skit, please watch this comedy gem in all of its glory below. It’s hilarious. "Game...Blouses."

Watch Chappelle Show's "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories - Prince"