We'd love to go a few rounds with Floyd Mayweather, Jr! He's the sexy, athletic boxing champ from New Jersey that is a five-division world champion. Mayweather has also won seven world titles, and in three different weight classes he's the lineal championship. Pretty darn impressive, if we say so. Coming from a troubled household with a mother addicted to drugs when he was young boy, Floyd often shares his upbringing satating:

 "It depends on which side of the family you talk to. My father said he was holding me and he said, 'If you're going to shoot me, you're going to shoot the baby, too.' But my mother said he used me as a shield to keep from getting shot. Either way, I'm just happy I didn't get shot and I'm still here."

He also says hid father sold drugs, but his fatehr denies the allegations.

Floyd Mayweather is a devoted father that is still breaking boxing records while making history!

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