In Buffalo, N.Y., a father, Ali-Mohamed Mohamud was convicted Thursday of beating his 10 year old stepson to death with a rolling pin for not doing his homework. Claiming that he didn't intent to kill the boy, Mohamud claimed that he was just trying to get the boy to do his homework.It only took the State-Supreme Court jury 3 hours to convict Mohamud and prosecutors are saying that justice is done, and although the defendant claims he didn't mean to cause death, he still had intention to slaughter.

The 10 year old boy, Abdifatah Mohamud, was preparing to take the state mandated exams on the evening in question. Prosecutors has the job of making the jury, as well as family members relive the horrific, and grizzly murder that occurred in the families basement.

Sources are citing that the 10 year old boy had called 911 during prior for domestic abuse situations and told his teachers that his stepfather beat him.

The boy's mother, Shukri Bile, was working a second job cleaning business offices in downtown Buffalo when the crime was committed.

Known as "Abdi" for short, the 10-year-old boy tried to run away from Mohamud, but failed as Mohamud stabbed him with a kitchen knife, held his head in bathwater, then finally took the boy to the basement, where gagged his mouth with a sock, duct-taped it shut, bound his hands with an electrical cord, and proceeded to strike the child over 70 times with a rolling pin.

The medical examiner testified in court that what killed Abdi was one of the blows that internally separated the brain from the spinal cord.

After Abdi's mother returned home, Mohamud told her the he'd run away. Mohamud worked as a security guard at The Buffalo News, where he was arrested after authorities discovered the blood-splattered basement.

Mohamud's defense attorney, Kevin Spitler, expressed to the jury during closing arguments:

Why did he lose control?... He just wanted his son to succeed. He just wanted his son to be ready for that state-mandated test. He just wanted his son to do his schoolwork. He just wanted him to be educated.”

Spitler tried to gain sympathy from the jury by stating that although his client lost control, he should be acquitted because he didn't intend to kill the boy.

After the jury convicted Mohamud, he faces up to 25 years to life, and will be sentenced November, 15. His attorney is looking to appeal the case.

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This is probably the worst story I've ever heard, and I had tears in my eyes writing. My thoughts and prayers are with this young boy's family at this time.

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