The Texas Rangers are just two wins away from their second World Series appearance in two years, after never even winning a post season series before. We are giving away tickets to Game 6 (3rd home game) of the ALCS, if its needed. You can enter to win those tickets here. If you haven't heard about Nelson Cruz and the EPIC ending to last night's Game 2 of the ALCS between the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers, then you must live under a rock.

With the title of American League Champion and a trip to the World Series at stake, the two teams battled it out in an 11 inning thriller that resulted in slugger Nelson Cruz murdering a pitch over the fence, making for a walk-off grand slam, the first in post season history. The people over at MLB Fan Cave sat down with the now infamous Mr. Cruz and they compared him to another famous Cruise.. Tom Cruise that is. Watch this hilarious video of Nelson Cruz impersonating some of Tom Cruise's finer moments. I think Nelson should just stick to winning baseball games.

Dont forget to enter to win ALCS Game 6 tickets here! What do you think of Nelson Cruz's acting chops? Who would you like to see the Ranger play in the World Series?