We all have rotating complaints about the other drivers on the roads. It is so very frustrating to drive around town most days. But, there is one thing that has especially been bothering me lately. People pulling all the way up to the last line outlining the crosswalks. I can't stand that, what about you?

I am constantly watching the other drivers around me at traffic signals. I watch them for different reasons. How close people are pulling up right to my bumper when we are stopping. What you are doing in your car, like picking your nose. But, the thing that really grinds my gears are the folks that pull past the line telling cars to stop here and injecting their car into the cross walk.

Why? Do you really need to be that much closer to the intersection? Are you letting the rest of us know that you mean to get going first? Are you a race car driver? Were you not paying attention in time to stop at the proper place? Wait, can't be that one. Nope, you do it at every single light.

Maybe these "first in line and over the line" drivers just don't understand what the intersection lines mean. If that is the case, here is a little schooling for you.

The first line you come to at a signal is where you should stop. These lines are painted for you to be able to see what is going on around you, the light, and allow for the traffic going through the intersection to have plenty of room. This is the safest place for you and your car.

The next set of lines are marking the crosswalk. This is were people on foot are crossing the street. Get it? Cross= crossing the street and walk= they are walking. It doesn't matter what state or city you are in, the laws are all the same when it comes to crosswalks. Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way when it comes to crosswalks. That is their territory, not our car's.

If your car is stopped in the crosswalk these pedestrians can't cross safely. You put them in danger because they have to get around your car. If they go in front they risk the chance that a car racing through the intersection might swerve and hit them. If they walk behind your vehicle they might get hit. If a car is not paying attention and coming in for that super close "pull right up on your butt to make sure we can both accelerate at the exact same time, I am kind of mad you are in my way," they might crush the poor pedestrian in between your car and theirs.

These lines are not painted on the road as an artistic expression. The lines are meant to tell us where to go and where not to. Please, use them correctly. Don't put someone life, including yours, in the way of possible danger. Let's all decide to stop loitering in the crosswalk while we wait for the green light.

Do you feel what I am saying? Have you thought the same thing? Let me know. Plus, leave us a comment on your number one pet peeve of driving right now.