Last week we shared with you the story of Cristy Nicole Deweese, the young Spanish teacher in Dallas ISD's Rosie Sorrells School of Education and Social Services who once posed for Playboy magazine.

Well, her fate has reportedly been decided, and she was fired by DISD.

The Dallas Observer, among many other media outlets, have reported on her firing, although she nor DISD can publicly comment about the situation.

Deweese created a Twitter, on which she wrote, "I am unable to make comments at this moment but I'd like you all to know that I appreciate the love!"

Has she lawyered up? It sure sounds like it.

One former Playboy model, Liz Ashley, created a Facebook page in support of Deweese, another clue the teacher was fired.

Deweese, who was a Coed of the Month for Playboy when she was 18, said in a video interview her dream was to teach high school Spanish. That dream became reality, although short-lived after many parents complained about a former nude model teaching their children.

I didn't know a modeling career conflicted with a teacher's ability to teach, but what do you think?