Surely not one to hold back his feelings, Pastor Creflo Dollar gave a skin-crawling hour-long sermon last Sunday, in which he stated his support for Bishop Eddie Long despite the fact that he settled his sexual abuse case which is said to be around the $25 million mark. Dollar basically told members of New Birth Baptist Churchthat he doesn't want them at his church and that they need to return to Eddie Long’s side immediately. Dollar claims that Long simply had a “wreck”, but that he will be forgiven and will still go to Heaven”.

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We are not quite sure exactly how much Bishop Eddie Long and, or New Birth Church agreed to in the settlement, but some reports are now stating that the agreed-upon settlement would pay each of the accusers $2.8 million dollars each, with $400,000 incremental payments for the next 20 years until paid in full. Wow!

Bishop Eddie Long Settles With Sexual Abuse Accusers

Do you think Creflo Dollar is out of place in regards to this case?