Q. What would be considered a good credit score?
A. If they are not at least 620 to 640 it can be hard to get approved and you will have a high interest rate.

Q. Do you offer any type of military discounts?
A. We honor military & service men this month with a 20% discount on enrollment. I also serviced in the US Navy.

Did You Know?...

  • Did you know that one 30 day slow pay can drop your score 50 points, even small items such as inquiries can effect your score and 79% of information on reports is wrong?
  • Credit reports can cause people to get a lower paying jobs because they have bad credit, they can be perceived as unreliable!
  • Paying off old debt can hurt you more than help you... Most people make this mistake all the time!
  • Did you know paying 1% higher interest on a $100,000 mortgage can cost you $30,000 extra on a 30 year note?
  • Did you know 73% of employers check credit to give you a job or promotion?
  • Did you know car insurance can be twice as high because of bad credit or low credit scores?
  • Did you know home owner insurance premiums can be 20%-50% higher?
  • Did you know cell phone providers charge deposits of $500-$1000 because of bad credit?
  • Did you know electric, gas, water and satellite providers charge $100-$250 deposits because of bad credit?