Now in all my years of living I have tried to be a law abiding citizen.  Meaning, I try to do my best to uphold the law at all times.  However, I’ve been guilty of getting a traffic violation, but what about getting a ticket for having an unusual haircut?  Yeah, in Mesquite, TX which is about 90 minutes outside of Tyler it is against the law for a child to have an unusual haircut.   Now what haircut is deemed unusual?  I guess you would have to go to Mesquite, TX to find out.

So, now that I’ve come across that crazy law I wondered what other crazy laws are out there for the state of Texas.  I went to and low and behold there are many unusual laws that are within the state of Texas.

Buckle your seatbelt because this is going to be crazy!  Did you know in Texarkana, TX - about a two hour and thirty-minute ride from Tyler - owners of horses can’t ride them at night without taillights?  How about in Port Arthur, TX  where obnoxious odors may not be emitted while in an elevator (Yeah, how can you leave out a fart joke with that law?).

I was totally blown away by the unusual laws, but the one that surprised me the most was in Dallas, TX where it is illegal to own realistic dildos (FREAK!) and in the state of Texas the entire collection of books in the Encyclopedia Britannica is banned because it contains a formula for making beer at home (anybody ever heard of Google?).

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So, after investigating this information I don’t think I will have any issues breaking those types of laws in Texas.  Now, if you have heard of an unusual law not mentioned please share it or if you have even broken one that would definitely make a good conversation piece.  Make sure you drop me a note with you story.

What are some of the odd or outdated laws you've discovered specifically in East Texas?