I have a confession to make:  I love coloring!  Since I was a child at home or school I always loved to color and express myself with crayons.  The way various colors come together can turn a blank piece of paper into beautiful art work.  I have my favorite colors too when it comes to coloring and I’m sure you do too.

So, I was surprised to find out that Crayola is planning to retire a color from its 24-count crayon box.  My 1st reaction was “Why does it have to be out of the 24-count box?".  I believe the current colors red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, just to name a few serves a purpose.

Personally, if you really want to retire a color instead of looking at the 24-count box you should look at the 64-count box!  Think about it, I’m sure nobody is using all 64 colors in that box.  Outside of the regular colors if you look closely there are a lot of crayons that aren’t being used that could be on the chopping block.  One color in particular is “Burnt Sienna” now I bet someone is saying “What’s Burnt Sienna?” EXACTLY!  Nobody is grabbing that color and I’m sure there are other colors that could get an honorable mention within the 64-count box.

The good news is Crayola hasn’t given out the color, but they are going to live stream the decision on Friday, March 31st, which is National Crayon Day.  Crayola is asking the people the share images of the colors they can’t live without on social media to lead up the shocking conclusion with the hashtag #WhosLeaving.  Which color you don’t want to see go?