You can always count on the true scum of the earth to capitalize financially on catastrophic events. The newest example: People on Craigslist selling gas for upward of $20 per gallon.

Residents of New York and New Jersey are experiencing terrible tragedies in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy -- many are still without electricity, homes are destroyed and cities are experiencing an incredible gas shortage as people are scrambling to fill up their cars and generators.

Lines at gas stations have reached to many dozens of cars, while, of course, prices have also increased. And leave it to some fine folks to try to make some money off other people's personal heartache.

Craigslist ads have popped up with people offering to sell gas for anywhere from $10 to $20 per gallon. Some offer to deliver, others just leave a phone number. And, of course, people are desperate, so they'll pay it.

Imagine paying $100 just for five gallons.