Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced today to 4 years behind bars following the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson. Judge Michael Pastor gave Murray a lengthy verbal lashing before delivering his sentence regarding the medical community and his duties as a physician.

"There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint. There are those who feel Dr. Murray is the devil. He's neither. He's a human being. He stands convicted of the death of another human being. Regrettably, as far as Dr. Murray is concerned, the most significant chapter, as it relates to this case, is the chapter involving the treatment, or lack of treatment, of Michael Jackson."

Right before the sentencing was handed out, the Judge finished up by saying:

"Jackson died not because of an isolated one-off occurrence or incident. "He died because of a totality of circumstances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray ... because of a series of decisions that Dr. Murray made."

Dr. Murray was convicted of  involuntary manslaughter roughly three weeks ago. The prosecution's main argument was Michael Jackson who was under Dr. Murray's care, dies because of Murray's reckless use of the surgical anesthetic propofol. Jackson was administered the drug at least twice a day leading up top his death two months prior. Jackson passed away June, 25th 2009.

The prosecution has asked for the maximum sentence allowed under the State of California's laws regarding manslaughter. They also requested restitution of $100 million dollars - the proposed amount Jackson would have made for the "This Is It" tour.

Murray was sentenced to 4 years behind bars -- the maximum time under California law. He's most likely only going to have to serve half of that in the LA county jail.

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